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Our Services

Fitted Kitchens

Since 1997 we have been planning individual and high-quality kitchens for our customers, selecting materials and equipment together and taking care of professional and flawless assembly.

Fitted Wardrobes (BICs)

Wardobes are not just for storing clothes, but they are an important part of the bedroom aesthetics. At CJ Kitchens we have over the years undertood this and have continously improved at adding to your dream bedroom.

Shop fittings

Shops and Offices don't only represent your place of work but they also represent your company image. At CJ Kitchens we are committed to giving your compsny the best image possible through our shop fittings.


Although ceilings are not usually the first thing in your line of sight, they play an important role in bringing out the beauty in any room. We a´have perfected the craft of designing and intalling ceilings and we are determined to meet and exceed your expectations.

Bathroom Cabinets

When one thinks of Bathrooms tubs and showers are what immediately come to mind, but at CJ Kitchens we know that thats not where the story ends thus over the years we have invested in giving our customers not just storage compartments but and´added elegance to their bathroom.

How to get your dream Kitchen/Fitting

Steps to your kitchen

State of the art machinery to ensure the best quality for you

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