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About Us

More Than Just Kitchens

CJ KITCHENS is a wholly owned Zimbabwean kitchen and allied wooden products manufacturing company.

CJ Kitchens offers a design-led service based specifically on our client’s requirements. Our smart and enthusiastic designers work with our
clients to create kitchens that suit their lifestyle, needs and budget. 
We use Computer Aided Design technologies in guiding our clients
through their options and creating a 3D design of their ideal kitchen, giving them a perspective of viewing their kitchen before having it

CJ Kitchens aspires to be the leading innovator, developer and provider of customer oriented Kitchens and Fitting Solutions in Zimbabwe.
We at CJ Kitchens endorse substance over form and quality over quantity, hence we are committed to a creative and innovative approach that leads to performance. 


We value simplicity, we take action and we expect results!!!

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Our Story

CJ Kitchens was founded in 1997 in the City of Kings after two of its founders identified a gap in the kitchen industry in Bulawayo.
Over the years, the company grew and opened two more branches in Gweru and Masvingo.
The Gweru branch aims to provide services in the surrounding Midlands province, whilst the Masvingo branch aims to cover the clientele in the Masvingo province.

CJ Kitchens started off with a total of 5 employees and a small set of machinery. It was not long after it’s inception that when the company established a steady clientele in Bulawayo. 
CJ Kitchens has grown over the years into various teams that work in a collaborative and efficient manner to give our clients the best services.
At the very top of the organization we have the co-founders of CJ Kitchens who relentlessly work hand in hand to grow and improve the products and services of the company.
Amongst our three branches, we have teams of smart and enthusiastic Sales Representatives based in Bulawayo, Gweru and Masvingo. They interact with our clients on a day to day basis and strive to fulfill our clients dreams through designing the best customized kitchens.
Moreover, we have our Marketing Team that is constantly monitoring our social media platforms and trying to reach out to both our local and diaspora clientele.
Our production team is based in Bulawayo comprising of a Factory Manager, Production and Processes Foreman who overlook the general production and manufacturing processes. 
They are supported by various sub-teams made up of the most skilled carpenters such as Fitting Carpenters, Machinists, Granite Specialists and Spray Specialists.

Meet The Team

Our Notable Clients

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